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Thank you for your interest! Almost born in a greenhouse, I specialized myself at Wageningen University in plant physiology and company management. After my MSc. graduation in 2001, I always tried to bridge knowledge demand with knowledge supply in global horticulture. This by some different job positions, but also via own enterpreneurship. I keep working on this bridge, nowadays facilitated via following 3 different approaches: 

HortiSolutions Holding Project Management & Consultancy
Greenhouse horticultural (global) business development by Project management and Consultancy. This is realized by bridging and conversion of theoretical knowledge into practical solutions on both plant physiol
ogical production as well farm managerial advisory services. Over the years specialized in business and/or project plan development, production capacity and financial calculations. Much experience was also gained by developing innovative concepts by mainly product and process quality performance management and bridging knowledge demand and knowledge supply. For an online example, please watch this webinar.


HollandDoor Study tours, horti training and business matchmaking

Organizing horticultural tailor made study tours, business matchmaking services and horticultural trainings which are organized for individuals and groups coming from all over the world visiting The Netherlands. For more information, see website of HollandDoor



HortiLink Online Conference Registration & Payment Systems

Delivers full service package concerning participant registration and (online) payments. Contracting HortiLink means outsourcing large part of organizing tasks and gives you the possibility to concentrate on your primary task: Conference content! HortiLink services can be used by conferences as stand-alone outsourced activity or is an integral part of wholeset of conference services provided by OBW. See for more information website of HortiLink


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